Do you think they'll still hatch?


8 Years
May 1, 2011
I discovered one of my SLW was broody (mean as hell) so I moved her out of the nesting box one night onto a clutch of eggs. I separated her in her own little maternity ward in a dog kennel in a corner of the run. She has been sitting without budging since wednesday night. So far so good. I discovered she got out of her maternity ward (low chicken wire fence) and I found her back in a nesting box in the coop sitting on some other eggs. I promptly put her butt back where she belongs.

The last I for sure saw her on her clutch was about 7:15 this morning. I just put her back about 2:45 this afternoon. I have no idea how long she was actually off her clutch. Could have been hours, could have been 10 min. I didn't feel the eggs. It was a pretty warm day today, high 70's.

Should I continue trying with this clutch or should I start over with new eggs? She's been broody about a week total. Will her bloodiness "wear out" if she doesn't hatch out chicks soon?


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