Do you think this bird is a threat?

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    Feb 16, 2013
    I recently moved to Virginia. I had to thin the flock out a little due to city ordinance. I now only have 6 hens. I placed a game camera out to see what kind of predators attempted a try at the chickens before let them free range. The only thing I got on camera was this hawk. Does this hawk pose a threat to 3 month old chickens?

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Yes. Hawks are always a danger. Maybe try befriending some crows?
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    Absolutely a threat.

    That pic is a perfect example of why runs are needed...I have a similar pic of a hawk on my run.
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    Not all hawks are a threat, and not a chickens are vulnerable to hawks that in general are a threat to chickens. The hawk shown, a juvenile female Coopers Hawk, is a threat to chickens that are immature, small as adults, and in flocks lacking large adult male chickens. Keeping chicks / juvenile chickens in covered run with a little size is wise when you are constrained by ordinances on what sex of chickens you can have.

    In my setting the Coopers Hawk are assume to watch as they go after smaller birds. They will even on occasion attempt to pick of an American Crow which is reason the latter has animosity directed to hawks. I see such daily and they even go into my barn but the adult chickens, especially the roosters will cause it grievous harm very rapidly if it attacks something on the ground.

    Hawks like the Goshawk are a much tougher threat even for adult roosters, Red-tailed hawks can be repelled if not able to stay above adult roosters. Red-shouldered Hawks have never caused trouble I could attribute to them. Sharp-shinned Hawk, very similar although much smaller than Coopers Hawk, causes similar reaction in my chickens but I have never had them look at more than songbirds.

    If your coop or run it too tight, the chicken can panic where the hawk can grab at it through the wire. Make so birds have cover in coop / run to control for impacts of panic That means no corners or things chicken can wedge itself between item and pen wall.
  5. m35a2siek

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    Feb 16, 2013
    Thank you for the information.

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