Do you think this SWEDISH duck is breeder quality? PICS to judge by.


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Sep 20, 2011
I took some updated pics of my ducks (finally), and am wondering if this one duck may be quality enough to breed. She has what appears to be a decent bib and wings.

She is the only one with very little spotting in her bib and with white wing feathers on both sides. I tried counting the white feathers and if I am remembering correctly she has 2 more on one side.

What do you all think? Also what about the blue drake? I was thinking of breeding her to him.
Here is her bib, do you think it will get lighter or darker with age? She was hatched on Nov 7th

This is the best pic I could get of her wing tips, sort of hard to see but they look pretty even

Left Wing from behind

Right wing from behind

Posted this one to show my Cayuga at this stage, she is very silky black with a green sheen to her head.
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She is pretty. If you are just breeding for your back yard then go for it! But other than that her bib is off. It is not suppose to go all the way up the neck like that and under the bill. She has good wing markings. Im sure you could breed the bib markings in a couple of generations with the right drake. I would breed her and see what you get though!
Thanks featherfinder, I was thinking it might be fun to try to perfect her in her offspring. She is the best one I have and I think it would be fun to take what I have and make something better. I really don't have a good drake but I will get some pics of my other two and see which one you all think I should use.

I am just doing it for fun and don't have a great desire to show any animal but if in a few generations I get something good that would be fun in and of itself.
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Yeah she is very pretty. Just get her a drake with a better bib and keep working on it. I have a swedish drake but he is very poor quality. He doesnt have the wing tips or a propper bib. So i dont think i would ever breed him. He is still cute and friendly though. One of the few that eats from my hand.
I think you need to change your title to add the breed name you will get people who breed these to reply. I know 70%cocoa will have some GREAT advice!

From what I remember her saying; it is hard to breed out that bib going up the neck then to try and breed out other things. but I don't know much about it, so don't really listen to me

I think her wing feathers look very nice.
Both of my Swedish have crappy coloring.....but great body shape....

I think it would be fun to try your best and see what you can get out of it.
hmm, I'm not sure what you mean by light. Do you mean feather color or body weight. I am a super wet newbie and haven't the faintest idea about confirmation
You've got a very long way to go to get even close to the SOP. Bibs are way off in shape and markings. You've probably got far too many white flights, but at least you've got them and the actual number of white flights seems to be pure chance. Strive for 2-3 on a side and the number should be the same on each side.

However, any bird can be bred, so you can breed her and work at improving and getting closer to the SOP. In order to improve on her, you will need a drake that is better than she is. If the drake is less quality than your duck, you will go in th opposite direction from where you hope to end up.

If you are interested in working towards the standard, I suggest that you buy an American Standard of Perfection. It's a beautiful book and well worth the cost.

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