Do your Hens Lay in Your House?


11 Years
May 12, 2011
After years and years of having chickens who lay in their coop and in the nest boxes, I was surprised and a little amused that one of my hens prefers to lay in my house. She's the first hen to actually even come in the house, which she enters through the dog door to the screen porch and then into the house through a back door that is usually open. At first, I threw her out, but she persisted and threw herself repeated at the door until, softy that I am, I decided to let her in. She was brooded in my office, so maybe she was returning to the land of her childhood (so to speak)! What she did next totally surprised me - after checking out all the corners of the room, she settled in my recycling box for a lay. My dog was transfixed. He stared at her the entire time and she's not a fast layer! When she was done, she went to the door and asked to be let out!

This hen, Ethel, is a new layer, but before this she always layed in her coop. Maybe the other girls were hogging the nest box so she decided to find another place?. So, I thought that maybe this was a one time thing. The next day, however, she was back - this time rapping at my office window which overlooks the porch. Too cute, so I let her in! After a little exploring on my desk, she went back to the recycling bin and layed. She's done this everyday now for a week. On the one hand, it's convenient not to have to go to the coop to get her egg, on the other hand, it's going to get too cold to open the window soon!

What I was wondering is what's the most unusual place your hens lay? There is a cute video on You Tube of a hen that lays on the desk after rapping on the window to be let in, so I know Ethel is not the only one!

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