Does 1 ,2 week vs 1 day old chicks make a huge difference? choosing?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CA Bean, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Hello everyone. I am new here and really excited about chicks! I am getting some this weekend and I am getting them through our local feed supply stores..I hope this is an ok place to get them as I couldn't find the variety through local people.

    So here is my small delimma: I can go to a few different feed supplies to get the variety I want but some have the Buff Orphingtons that are a week old and there are only 2 Pullets left. Or I can probably get them closer to where I live 15mins vs 1/2 hr and get 1 day olds. What do ya think? I rather them go out to the outside coop sooner than later but if 1 week is no biggy..then we will do it that way.
    Thanks in advance for your responses!

    My second dilema:
    Since I am such a newbie and don't know the chickens yet beside these are all great egg layers and nice ( good thing since I have small kiddos and will be learning together)

    1st place has: Forgive the spelling errors
    all 2 week olds with vaccination

    2nd place
    Barred rocks 1day- 1 week old

    3rd place
    Buff Orphingtons 1week old - I want some of these too- they are beauties.
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    I've mixed day olds with 1 week olds before with no integration issues whatsoever. That was with chicks I hatched myself.

    The main consideration is that if you are getting from two different sources the recommendation is to quarantine for at least 4 weeks totally separated to prevent any possible illness from going between the two group.... just food for thought.
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    So I would want to do that with the chicks- 1 day olds?
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    May 4, 2008
    The chicks get bigger and start to get their wing tip feathers at a week, but there's not much difference between day olds and week olds. Get the chickens and the variety you want, don't worry about the ages! Good luck!
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    Ok so I called another feed supply place and they have 2 week olds that have already been vaccinated. Can these mix with the 1 week olds that are not vaccinated? I am I making this all harder than it has to be??[​IMG]

    Edited my original post with new questions of now which kinds. I really want all of kinds at least 1 of each but quaranteen issue....don't really want to put them in 3 diff sections.
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