Does altitude affect the accuracy of an incubator thermometer?

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    We are building a homemade incubator and have about 6 thermometers in it as we try to test the temperature. All six have different readings!! [​IMG] The two simple ones purchased at TSC specifically for incubating are 6 degrees apart when sitting side be side. [​IMG] I'm now having a thermometer meltdown!! We live at 3000 ft. Anyone else have a solve this issue? [​IMG]
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    May 10, 2010
    I would think if altitude was a factor, all of the thermometers would be consistant one with another.

    I know that atmospheric pressure is affected by altitude.

    Here's a link about atmospheric pressure and how temperature is affected. I think it also talks about calibrating thermometers too.
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    Quote:Actually, I didn't think the altitude made them different. I just wondered if it is something to be concerned about once I get them right. Thanks for the site. I'll check it out!! [​IMG]

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