Does anyone around Seguin, Tx want to adopt a duck?

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    I don't know where to post this, and sorry if I got it wrong, but I just got a call from my aunt. Bad things in life seem to have chosen this year to pile up on her and she's suffered a fair amount of loss, including the death of her parrot and horse, and some other more private matters. Luckily she has some great friends, and one was sweet enough to give her a new registered puppy to help with loneliness. Unfortunately, the dog is not bird friendly, and she doesn't have a separate area for her duck. Dogs take priority over ducks in her case. She doesn't feel she can provide it an adequate home anymore, and she called me, hoping I would want her. I don't have room, but I promised her I'd post here asking if anyone would be willing to adopt a 4 year old duck as a pet. She just wants to know she's covered all avenues of trying to find a good home for her pet.

    I know the odds aren't great, but if anyone in that area would like a four year old female pet duck of indeterminate breed, please pm me. Also, if anyone around College Station would like it, I could bring it here.
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    I'm going to mapquest those two places in Texas. If they are not too too far away, I'd take it.
    ETA: Sorry, I just checked and it would be at least a 7 hour trip for me. Wish I was closer. [​IMG]
    You might ask a mod. to move this thread to the appropriate category for you to get more responses. Good luck.
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    Might try the local Craig's List as well. Just insist upon delivering, so you can see the layout. Hope it works out.

    One of my rescued cats came from a dog shelter in Seguin- I'm a former Austinite.

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