Does anyone else have a favorite color egg (to eat)?


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I KNOW that it is ridiculous as from what I have read, all eggs from hens that are fed the same, taste the same and have the same nutritional value. But I always favor my green eggs!

I give away a lot of eggs but I find it hard to part with the green ones, maybe because I have only one EE that is laying them right now. My others are three 27 week old pullets that just won't start laying and one hen that used to lay beautiful large olive green eggs, but it seems she went on "vacation" ever since she went into her last molt.

Does anyone else share in this craziness? The green ones even taste better to me, but I know it's all in my mind. Thanks!
I like my brown ones from my red pullet.

They all eat the same stuff, but I swear honest to you-know-who that the brown egg's yolks are orange-er than the Leghorn's yolks.
I also only have one brown layer, so maybe that's also why I'm partial to keeping them when I sort eggs to give away.
Plus, the brown eggs have some variety to them. Different shades of brown. Leghorn eggs are pretty boring.
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Ha! It's not just me! I love Candy's eggs the best. They are a pretty seafoam green and are my first pick when grabbing an egg for myself. I have several colors from which to choose, including another slightly darker green, but Candy's are my favorite. (Which is probably why she's still around - her nickname is Candibal Lector - she's mean to other chickens, she has to live with my ducks.)
I'm not as fond of egg whites as I am of the yolk. So I prefer the araucana, ameraucana eggs or the EE eggs because the yolk to egg white ratio is tipped toward more yolk. (check out paper by William O. Cawley, Extension Poultry Specialist at Texas A&M University).
If I am making a custard or pudding (or anything that calls for egg yolks only) I prefer my marans eggs because the yolk separates from the white so easily. The chalaza (the ropey strands of egg white that anchor the yolk to the center of the egg white) don't seem nearly as securely attached in my marans' eggs so they are perfect for making custards.
Or maybe I just need to justify my silly preferences for one egg color over another. That would mean that I do all this ridiculous research just to hide that I'm a little OCD?
Oh could be worse.
I love the RIR deep red and EE green/blue and pink shells together in the box, feels like a special present every time I open the egg carton plus it feels like I'm adding treasure to the egg carton every time I collect and separate the eggs by shell color;) Some of the BO eggs go in, too. I give away or sell the banty eggs and they are also a nice color mix of beige and white. I like to remember the Dr. Seuss story: Green eggs and Ham... which I'll now get to read to my two new grandson's

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