Does anyone have experience with an automatic door from the adorstore?

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    Hi, I am installing an automatic chicken door from Does anyone have experience with it? I am really looking forward not needing to be home at sunset every day!
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    Jan 1, 2015
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    Great coop!

    Yes, I have had one since June 2015. It has worked well using the same battery. I may change this out when I leave town in February for a week to prevent issues for my chicken sitter.
    I set the 'Last Call' option and watched a chicken use it once. Oops! But it worked; she got in when the door opened a second time.

    I have mine installed facing inward in my secure run. Thus, by winter, it was closing a bit early, and opening a bit late.
    So I sent off for the external sensor ( $15, free shipping). Very easy to install. I positioned the sensor on the outside, SE wall.
    Now it closes almost at dusk, and opens at first light. The chickens settle in the coop well before the door shuts.

    It really is true, the door is 'set and forget' and has worked flawlessly. I believe some have had issues, but not me.

    Here's mine.

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    Thanks for the info!

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