Does anyone have only ONE breed?


Jun 21, 2019
NW Ontario, Canada
My long term goal is to have only my Hedemora. With a silkie hen on the side for hatching eggs. Haha. I started out with hatching a lot of different breeds to get a feel for what was going to work well within my needs, my climate, and what I liked best overall. :) I like my Icelandic but the giant single combs are no good here. The laying breeds that I’ve had were too fragile, and the bantams acted like they were freezing to death even with a heating pad to snuggle up to. The hedemora and ironically the silkies are the only ones who are willing to go out and play in the snow. :p


previously jwehl // dogs & cats & squirrels oh my!
Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
I suppose not prolifically like a production breed?
yeah. mostly I would like to be able to sell hens & I'm located next to a city so most people are going to be working with zoning ordinances around maximums plus a space issue, so my birds that are great as far as being low maintenance but don't lay as much, aren't really what they want.

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