Does anyone intervene in a broody's hatch?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by MaryZoe, Mar 26, 2017.

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    I suspect there will be differences of opinion here, but while I've kept and incubated chickens and eggs for a couple of years, I now have my first broody hen hatching her eggs. She has successfully hatched 3 of 5 eggs (yesterday was day 21). The other two eggs both have pips, and she is still mostly sitting on them though she moves around more now to tend to her chicks a bit.

    I am wondering what most of you feel about intervening if the last eggs don't fully hatch today (day 22). I found mom on the eggs early this morning, but when I got back from Church she had her 3 chicks under her, but not the last 2 eggs. I picked the eggs up to move them back under her, and at least one of the 2 eggs peeped like crazy. I felt like it was asking me to get it the heck outta' there! But I just put it back under Eleanor. She's been on them since then, but I can't help worrying that it might need a little assistance. I hate to let anything die--I don't even kill flies or bugs of any sort if I can help it.When I incubate eggs myself I help the chicks that seem to be in trouble, and so far I've always had healthy chicks as a result.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    It's odd for a hen to quit on eggs making noise after only one day. If she refuses to sit on them you probably need to bring them in and hatch them yourself.

    That said, I never interfere with a broody hen. I don't even look at her, much less the eggs for the entire time - other than remove volunteered eggs when she comes off the nest on her own.

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