Does anyone know anything about goats? Update on post #22...

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There is a goat in our neighborhood that needs a lifestyle!

There is an 80+ year old man living in our neighborhood who has WAY more animals than he can care for...including 8 horses (mini ---> draft), cats, dogs (can't count how many), and one Nubian looking goat.

Living conditions include - but are not limited to -:
Broken down cars
Broken down R.V.s
Various and sundry washing machines, driers, and dishwashers
car dollys
scrap metal
random fencing
coils of stacked barbed wire (great for horses AND goats, I'm sure!)

The property does not have running water or electricity...his animals have rain water to drink (collected from the various roofs of the structures all over his property).

Three weeks ago, my husband drove by his property and all the horses and the goat had gotten off the property (the old man had forgotten to close the gate behind himself!) my husband and his father helped herd everyone back onto the mans property (he has no halters or lead ropes for them!)

I will try and take a picture/video on my drive by today - my description does not do justice to the poor living conditions for these animals. Animal has been called MANY times to his place...he now keeps hay in the "barn" just to show animal control that he has food for the when they check (they never seem to notice it's the same hay month after month, I guess).

He leaves for weeks at a time (I found out he travels to another property he has in Michigan) and no one cares for the animals. This last time I threw hay to the horses and goat over the fence - I felt so bad for them! Get this: I'm actually afraid he'll catch me feeding his animals! If he'd feed them I wouldn't have to!

I have three horses of my own, plus five cats, 30 chickens, and a Corgi. I cannot take on any more horses (we are allowed one per acre) we just keep calling AC on him (as do many of the neighbors)...

I have been thinking of offering to buy this goat from him - for the goats sake - and my husband and his father fell in love with her the day helped catch her and return her behind the fence. Evidently, she just leaned against their legs and soaked up every bit of affection that was offered her way. My father-in-law has asked me several times if I've contacted this man yet.

I don't know how old she is....other than she is full grown. I don't know anything about goats - except that copper is important supplement.

If - IF I do this...what book would be best as a resource? What sort of broad spectrum wormer do you recommend for Florida? Do there feet need to be done every six weeks like our horses? Tell me what you think I need to know to get started...

Any information would be deeply appreciated!
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Offer the man $50 for the goat. Then get pictures and post them on backyard herds. Get Storey's Guide to raising Dairy Goats. You will never regret it!

Nubians or a nubian mix are very loving goats especially if they were socialized as a kid.

Goats do not like to get wet. They usually don't like to be alone either but I would guess that she is used to it by now.

Yes, her hooves will need to be done every 4 to 6 weeks.

Her diet, she can forage with your goats. She will need alfalfa and yes cooper. You should be able to buy her supplies where you get your horses things at.

You can also ask the sales person if they know what minerals goats in your area my need as this does vary from area to area.

Plus if there are any breeders in your area most of them are more than willing to help.
Ok...update...with pictures.

The man is out of town (and has been gone for 3 weeks according to the neighbors across the street). Animal Control is VERY aware of this man...but he seems to do JUST enough to get by the law. They have talked to me twice (I called about the horses before the goat was ever there - she appeard sometime in the last year), and they say he is providing them with food (locked in a barn), water (from the roof of a barn), and shelter (the horse trailer is left open - GREAT!).

You tell me - here is the property as I drove by tonight...sorry, I drove as slow as I could...but it still goes by fast...take a look at all the CRAP in the yard. What a mess!

OK...and here is the goat. She is SOOOO sweet - she was plastered to the fence the whole time I was there. She is SO thin - it breaks your heart...I went back to the barn and got her some hay (I think I'll drop some off to her daily).

Here she is looking down on her from above;

Here is her whole body:

Here is the face begging me to take her home and feed breaks my heart...

What do you guys think she is (not that it matters...I just hate ignorance!)? I will definitely be offering $50 to the old man....unless my husband beats me to it.
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She looks purebred Nubian to me and, aside from be deplorably thin, she's gorgeous!
Has anyone offered to help him???? I know you can not take on anymore animals but maybe lend a helping hand. See if you can get the other neighbors to help out on the weekend to make the living areas better for them.
As sad as it is Animal Controll or what have you is up to there elbows with stuff to do and animals that are WAY WORSE off.
I am not saying what he has going on is right but if they have food, water and a place to go AC will move on.
You are right Katrina...that's exactly what's going on with AC...they have bigger fish to fry than these animals that are in poor condition. As sad as it is, you're right - I know there is much worse out there.

This old man is a "Scheister" and is interested in help from no one. Probably some mental illness or dimentia...he isn't living any better than the animals!

I'll keep everyone posted...
Kelly G, I am sorry to here that he will not take any help. I hope you can get the goat then contiune to offer to help him. With any luck he might change his mind. Old people are stubbern. No punt intended. It sound like he has him mind set.
Does he have any family that you might be able to talk to? I would just keep trying.
I really don't know if he has family...that's a good thought, though. He spends a lot of time in Michigan, so maybe they're up there? I know the man who mows his "lawn" and I'm going to stop by and ask him if he has contact information for him...

I know he doesn't have a phone here, but he may have one up there? Who knows.

I fed her again tonight - she's starting to really recognize me now!

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