Does anyone know anything about this incubator?

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Looking to find about this incubator.....cant really find anything useful online. Anyone know when its from? What its worth? It appears to be complete.....from the 50's maybe? This thing is HUGE! the picture of the front with all the doors......the back looks the same. Brand appears to say Petersime





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    Aug 31, 2012
    New York incubators from 1950s&f=false

    I found this
    "Petersime proclaimed itself the biggest incubator factory in the world back in the 1950s" Its design placed trays of eggs in a central drum and circulated air by a paddle system. The company closed its doors in 2005, but devoted breeders still use the incubators. "


    Doing a search on ebay brought up electric incubator manuals and catalogs from Petersime.
    Their website (which I don't understand because it looks like the company is still in business.
    I thought maybe you could contact them for some history?

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