Does anyone make or tried a Carrot sauce?

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    Apr 15, 2008
    I have an Italian Immigrant recipe for Carrot sauce..... It's an alternative to a typical tomato sauce. Spiced the typical way tomato red sauce is. I will be making this recipe next wk & was wondering what the thoughts were on the sauce from anyone who's tasted it or who makes it? [​IMG]
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    I've never tried the carrot sauce you refer to, though I love carrots and carrots are so easy to work with. When challenged to come up with a new recipe or people ask questions like yours where I do most of my food writing the first thing I do is hit YAHOO and search. in your case I found only a few carrot sauce recipes, and one from a good food place in my area, Dean & DeLuca

    seemed interesting: it uses carrot juice that you reduce in volume over high heat, then you add bits of COLD butter to it (in other words a butter sauce) and flavor with curry powder, give me a minute and I'll post my home made curry powder recipe, which if you like curry, is very tasty. Very !!

    I just found a Martha Stewart recipe for seared scallops with a carrot sauce now I have to surprise my wife with this... Courtesy of Ms. Martha

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