Does anyone not feed layer pellets to their ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by carolynm, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    I like to feed my animals as natural a feed as possible. My feed store has tons of grains available. Would one of the poultry recipes posted in the chicken section be suitable for ducks? What changes would need to be made?

    This summers I was feeding a mix of soybean, rolled oats and cracked corn -they loved it, mixed with layer pellets, they really liked the grain and tended to leave the pellets. Would it be OK to leave layer pellets out? I feed them household scraps as available as well as egg shells for calcium. I broadcast the eggshells in their pen -should I put them in a dish or is the way I'm doing it OK?

    I just want to make sure they get what they need!

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    Apr 28, 2011
    i think your doing fine [​IMG] i feed mine layer pellets, mixed with cracked corn, they love! the corn, but i dont want to feed them to much and make em fat lol! good luck!
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    Quote:I can say I don't feed layer to my hens [duck & chickens] but as far as your mix I can't say if it is the right quality or not. You should be able to tell by body weight and how they look overall. Egg quality, and shell. I feed mine Flock Raiser by Purina. plus I add a 7way scratch and Boss to that, and also in the summer gave them oats. I don't see it would matter if you scattered the egg shell on the ground or put them in a bowl, I use oyster shell so I have it in a bowl separate from their feed. Everyone has their way of feeding and I think it would show in your birds if they aren't getting the right nutrients. I don't think I would feed ducklings or chicks that way though.
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    I have never fed my ducks or chickens layer pellets. I used to provide oyster shell for calcium but they never touched it. Never had a problem with soft shells. I do feed mine pellets but I didn't want something with the added calcium because my drakes didn't need it.

    My only concern would be to ensure that they are getting a balanced diet. Metzer Farms has a table that tells what they need supplement wise here:

    Depending on your area and what they are able to find naturally, they may be fine without pellets. I recently switched to muscovy and have 5 about 4 month olds and 1 mixed duck a few weeks younger. I also have 5 chickens. The muscovy don't seem to eat as much as my runners did or they are just better at foraging. I have about 5 lbs left of a 50lb bag of feed that I bought 1 month ago.

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