Does anyone use a CPAP? Opinions please

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    I have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep apnea and will be put on a CPAP machine. I do not sleep well when I sleep and have insomnia on top of that. I know what a CPAP is and what it looks like but Can anyone tell me why they are on one?
    What is it like?
    How long did it take you to get used to it?
    Does is work for you?
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  2. LovinMyPeeps

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    Mar 22, 2009
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    Quote:Well, I just happen to do this for a living so let me try to explain best I can. Teaching usually takes an hour, so let me try to condense and answer some things. I am also on one, but mine is a bilevel or BiPap first of all you need to understand that CPAP is like saying "Kleenex" it's a trade name.

    The best I can explain is that it kind of feels like breathing on a humid day. The air, due to the pressure, feels "heavy" to you when you first get used to it. Probably the most important aspect of the system is your mask. If you are prone to allergies, nasal congestion, colds or are just plain a mouth breather you need a full face mask, meaning it covers your mouth and nose. If your pressure level is low (below 12cm/H2O) and you are not a mouth breather you can usual handle a nasal mask. These tend to get a more complete seal.

    THERE IS NO PERFECT MASK. All masks leak. I want you to remember this when you are getting fitted and used to your machine. Your tech (be it RN or RT) will do their best, but the reason we all look different is different facial structures. All masks will leak to some degree especially with a lot of movement. CPAP does not treat insomnia, you need to create good sleep hygiene, you need to be consistent with going to sleep at the same time, in a dark room, with no TV on. If you insist on noise, make it a fan or some other type of white noise.

    A CPAP can work, it takes differing levels of time to get used to it. The most important thing is you have to WANT to use it. Otherwise you will make 101 excuses as to why you "can't" wear it. Very rarely is there someone who truly cant, unless they are an extreme clausterphobic and I mean in the clinical sense. Mine works for me. I am less tired, less cranky, don't nap like I used to. I also don't seem to get sick as often because I am rested. The long term effects of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) are catastrophic including and increased risk of congestive heart, diabetes, hypertension etc...

    Make sure you go to a company that has healthcare specialists, not some company that drops off the machine and says "here wear it" technical support is important when you are starting out with CPAP.
  3. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I have one and it makes a big difference. Mine has a humidifier but I usually don't use it. A friend had very serious obstructive sleep apnea and she had to use a bi-pap. She had some experimental surgery a few months ago and she has not had to use a bi-pap or cpap since.
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    My husband is supposed to use one. We paid a small fortune of what the insurance did not cover... and hasn't used it a couple of years. I have a friend who has one and always wears it. Says she can't sleep with out it. Just depends on what you can get used to.
  5. this is actually a serious disorder and can cause many many other health problems, some can actually be fatal. My Dh has sleep apnea and I made him go to the sleep disorder doctor because it was keeping me up all night and I am not a nice person to be around when I don't get MY sleep. [​IMG] He was definitely a problem sleeper and insurance paid for all of it, thank goodness, and whoever said the masks don't leak, there is NO perfect mask is right. DH has tried both x-large and large and neither one were just exactly right. He wears it faithfully and has a little card he has to take out of the machine and take with him for the doctor's visits and they put it in their machine and it tells how many hours you actually use it, so you can't lie. DH uses it 98% of the time, but mostly because I can't stand him not too. You are actually suppose to replace the masks every 3 months or so, but usually DH does it every 6. It is highway robbery what they cost. I think one mask might be close to $200 which is pathetic for a piece of plastic with tube connectors to it~~but it can save your life and give you a much better nights sleep as well as your partner.
  6. LovinMyPeeps

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    Mar 22, 2009
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    Quote:Average full face mask is about 280$ and actually the cushion of the mask should be changed monthly because the natural oils in our skin break it down. 98% is pretty awesome compliance I might add.
  7. FarmerJamie

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Quote:<raises hand> I do.

    Did you do a sleep study with a machine? I did two, one for the initial diagnosis without a machine, then a second one to figure out where to adjust the pressure (I'm a 7 out of the max 20). The second session, I only had 5 hours of sleep, but felt like a million bucks on just that little sleep with the machine. My setup is fairly setup and was rocking after a night or two.

    My issue is a narrow throat and made worse by weight gain. I lost most of the extra weight (40+ pounds), but have another 30 to go.

    I started out with a mask, but went to the "pillow" setup about 2 years ago. This setup is not as restrictive as the mask, but took a couple nights to get used to.

    Someone already mentioned, you need to clean things usually daily.

    Does it work, ABSOLUTELY! If the power goes out because of weather, I am miserable.
    Only pain is traveling by air, to check the machine with the baggage or do carryon? If I have no layovers, I usually check.
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    I do not wear one, but my wife does! It was to the place where I couldn't sleep for laying there and waiting for her to stop breathing during the night. She would stop breathing literally hundreds of times in 8 hours. I could only go to sleep if she wasn't in bed, but then when she got into bed to sleep, she would snore so loud that she would wake me up almost immediately. Her snoring was so bad that I could hear her in the other end of the house (nearly 60 feet away and through the closed bedroom door) and she would keep me awake then as well. It took her about 2-3 days to be completely comfortable with the machine, but now, thank god, she doesn't snore, her breathing continues as it should and we both get a great nights sleep! Because of more rest when we sleep, we have both become more active and have both lost some weight since becoming more active! (I've l;ost 70 pounds!)
    My suggestion is to do whatever it takes to wear it like you are supposed to! You and your better half will both benefit from it!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    i love my cpap machine.. i went in because hubby said i quit breathing at night and was scaring him.. they sent me to a sleep clinic and out of 477 min i stopped breathing 360+ times... i was severe.. i had oxygen dropped so was lucky no damage.. it takes a bit to get used to. . the tightness around you mouth and nose so no air leaks.. you will eventually get it strapped so it fits you well... i will not sleep without mine or if i decide to nap i use it then too.. i feel wonderful when i get up.. no more exhaustion and so much more energy during the day. i would never sleep with out it again.... i hope you can get used to yours and please keep trying. it really makes such a difference in your life. i use the humidity with mine.. with the heat on in your house it can dry your nostrils and sinus out.. the air is like sticking your head out of a car window going down the road, and the air pushes into your nose.. makes it so much easier to breathe. really give it a try.. i promise you will get used to it and love it..the other lady said she was on number 7 my dial is set for ...... 17 almost the top .. i have the extra weight and the narrow throat too.... and i snored so loud when we took my girlscout troop camping they all gathered around my tent to hear me snore lol.. no more snoring now lol
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    My mother uses one and she has said it has made a remarkable difference. She said it took her a long time to get used to it, but she uses it faithfully. I have no reason to doubt her since she's a nurse and knows the severity of this disorder.

    She has obstructive sleep apnea. She does use the humidifier as well. She does clean it daily. She gets out of the shower in the am and cleans it and gets ready for the day.

    Please use your CPAP. It will make the difference.

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