Does anyone vaccinate or see need to vaccinate..

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    Apr 2, 2010
    I had posted this originally in the emergency and disease but I guess it does not really quailify and recieved Zero answers.. So I will re-post it here to see if anyone can help me.

    Ok my sister has my brain rumbling around..

    She said the hens she has that were hatched from private owners seem to die much quicker than her birds that were hatchery and vaccinated. She has not detected illness in the flock before on a couple of occasions going out and finding a hen dead, and they have all been private owner non vaccinated. She keeps urging me to vaccinate my birds. Herein lye's the question.

    Has anyone else noticed this with their birds?

    What are they vaccinated for that seems to be increasing their longevity?

    What vaccinations are they commonly using?

    If you are NPIP certified is there certain things that you must immunize for?

    How many of you vaccinate and what do you vaccinate regularly for and how often?

    I hope ya'll can help me find the answers to the questions.

  2. Judy

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    I don't vaccinate. It is possible I lost a couple of birds to something there is a vaccination for, but I doubt it. Your sister's problems may very well not be because of something which could be vaccinated against, either. Other than predators, I suspect losses are generally something like internal laying, fatty liver, heart problems, a myriad of others. She could also be buying birds already infected with something; some diseases only kill a percentage.

    Here is a good article about vaccinating for small flocks:
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    Apr 18, 2010
  4. Indiana hens

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    Yes, I vaccinate for Markes and Newcastle. They have fowlpox vaccine but is for the domestic variety which is not as fatal as the exotic version, so i don't vaccinate for it. They have a vaccine for CRD but I haven't used it. If infected by the 1st 2 diseases the whole flock can be eliminated and it can be a long drawn out process that gets very frustrating. An ounce of prevention because there is not much luck w a cure once they get it. I really don't understand the phobia of vaccinating for egg-layers. the cost for me to vaccinate comes to around 3 cents a bird for 1,000 chickens, or 5 cents a bird for 500 chickens; u could find loose change in the couch to cover the cost.
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    I am very interested in this post as I have only had chickens for a couple of years and have never vaccinated. Recently I lost one 12 week cockerel to Mareks. I guess one out of the many I have is not much, but I am rethinking the vaccination idea. I do agree that the most important thing is keeping your chickens healthy, is a clean, dry environment, good nutrition and proper space.
  6. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have never vaccinated my birds. I have also never lost a bird to disease (yet). All my deaths have been predation, failure to thrive, or trauma-related. I have never seen the need to vaccinate or even contemplated doing it. That may change in the future, but as of now I am satisfied with the health of my poultry, and see no need for vaccinations.
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    I grew up om a farm and we never vacinated a single bird. I have gotten birds from hatcheires and private owners and have not lost any birds
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    What is failure to thrive?

  9. dawg53

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    What is failure to thrive?


    Failure to thrive...CMV most likely means an organ failure if there's no other reason why an otherwise healthy chicken would suddenly die for no apparent cause. I recently had it happen to my 5 year old Black Star, hands down my favorite hen and best egg layer. She was in the best of health and laying normally when I found her dead on the floor in their house one morning. I thoroughly inspected her and found nothing wrong. I never had that happen to me before and is still a mystery to me, maybe she just burned out from all the egg laying she did...not sure. I still miss her.
  10. pips&peeps

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I vaccinate all my birds for a few things, but I show and therefore am exposing my birds to disease that most backyard farmers do not.

    In WA, mareks is common, so I vaccinate for that. I vaccinate for ILT, since it can be spread at shows and I started vaccinating for MG this year.

    I have vaccine on hand for coryza should I venture into the CA or more southern regions of the Western States since it is more common in those areas.

    If you live in the warmer South you can count on fowl pox making it's way to you one day. I don't vaccinate for cocci since treatment is fairly easy.

    Being NPIP just means your State has used a screening test on a portion of your flock for pollurm. There are no vaccinations required.

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