Does color really matter?


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I am waiting for my my new Keats to arrive at the local feed store. I was asked what colors I wanted. Is there a difference in color other then aesthetics? Do certain colors stick around better then others?
I am a guinea owner and had several different colored birds and as far as I am concerned color is your preference. I have had mixed guineas and all got along just fine. The only thing I found were the Pearl Greys and Lavenders were more of roamers while free ranging. I have had several of both breeds just get up and leave. With their full flight capabilities they seem flightier.

If your birds are not free range then there should not be an issue. I also am the last person to clip flight feathers as I think it is unnatural to do so. Guineas can be funny ducks sometimes with their personalities and not always fond of being around other chickens. Other people here in the BYC Guineas section may have other stories to share. I feel a Guinea is a Guinea... Enjoy the keets whatever the color.

Depending on your predator load, free range area and coop situation the lighter colors may be the first to get taken by predators. But all of my birds range as far as my fence lines let them. They either hang out in their own individual flocks or they wander off in pairs or trios (during breeding season). No matter the color.

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