Does egg colour determine chicken colour?

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Feb 16, 2017
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I buy eggs from a neighbour that I try to hatch. I know she has different types of chickens and several colours. I put in many different coloured eggs into the incubator. Although I am not having great hatches, I got a few chickens from a previous hatch and 3 today from a new batch. All of the different coloured eggs so far yielded black chickens. The all look like barred rocks. I had light pink, beige, green and blue eggs and a light pink, beige and green egg all hatched black chickens. I thought we were going to get yellow chickens from the light eggs. How does the colouring work?
Egg color is completely independent of the color of the feathers, and is (as you might expect) a characteristic of the hen only.

Chicken feather coloring genetics is pretty complicated (and I am not an expert at all). Without photos, it's hard to say, but just like other genetic features, some can be dominant (including some types of black). So, hypothetically, if the rooster who fertilized all these hens is black, then even if some of the hens were not, you may get black chicks. Just depends.

(It really is MUCH more complicated than that, and beyond my ability to explain better, I think.)

Photos will help if you can. :thumbsup
The short and long of it is that the color of the hens' ear lobe determines whether that hen lays a white shell egg or a brown shelled egg. Hens of the same feather color lay brown shelled eggs or white shelled eggs depending on the genes that hen inherited from her parents. The color of the hens' ear lobes is nothing more than the physical manifestation of that hens' DNA as it relates to the color of the eggshells that she will produce.

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