does fluctuation for some time in the temp effects egg?


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Jun 14, 2012
i have a question, my incubator is purely a simple one without any dimmer or thermostat just a 10watt bulb and cpu fan, i try to keep that temp between 98-100 degree, but some time it reaches to 102or 103 for some time this generally happens at day time so i down the temp within 15 min and i keep watching the temp after every 1 hour, and at night temp fall down to 97 maybe for 1 hour.... so it keep on fluctuating some times, but the temp remains at 98-100.5 for 20 hours and for 4 hours it ups or down... is that much fluctation is okay?
You will have a lot of chicks this way. My was between 95-110 and still have 70% hatched (14/20), 3 of them was my fault.
thanks for the giving me some hope, its just 2 days i set the eggs, will candle them and update that :)
my understanding is fluctuation itself isn't so bad but high is worse than low. If it gets too hot for too long you cook the chick. Mama chickens spend some time eating and stretching and pooping so they eggs experience a low normally 1-2 times a day for up to an hour each. If it is consistently low but close to 99.5 then they'll just take longer to hatch.

Of course I have only done this 3 times now. But I know mine have experienced some highs and some lows. As once I lost power during Debbie and took 2 hours to get them back on power.

I also have had some small spike for a short time.

My feeling is it will work out. Just keep the highs as low as possible.
If this is your first time you should probably wait until day 10. It is hard to see anything until you have trained your eyes to know what to look for. By day 10 it is pretty easy and you are much less likely to make a mistake. As for the temp. changes I wouldn't worry to much about it. It sounds like they are for the most part stable.

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