Does grandson count as predator?


Mosquito Beach Poultry
11 Years
May 24, 2008
Southeast Arkansas
Two minutes unobserved and my 2-1/2 yr old grand son went in the "chicken room", got my mini-brooder off the top of the other brooder, , and squashed my two brand new, just hatched silkie chicks.
Needless to say, both doors into the room now have locks on them.
I`ve got some more in the bator for the 27th, but I didn`t mark them, so I`m not sure how many are silkies. I have been marking them since then, and will have some known silkies in the next setting.
Jen, sorry to hear about your loss. Minor children, especially those under 3 years old, can sometimes be a worse predator on baby chicks than furred or feathered or scaley type predators. I have let my neighbors children look at, but not touch, any of my babies without strict supervision. I had to learn the same lesson the hard way myself with some baby pigeons I had at one time when the neighbors kid snatched it out of my hands.
I have to watch my 20 month old grandson too. He has figured out he can reach the kitchen counter. If I have eggs too close to the edge, he likes to throw them on the floor to watch them break! He thinks it is so fun.

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