Does grower feed delay laying?

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    Jun 1, 2016
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    When I got my six chicks at a day old, the feed store talked me into purchasing a 50 lb bag of organic chick starter. They told me that it was ok to use the bag until it was gone. At about 14 weeks, I finally got low on feed and went back to the store. They then told me that I should have switched my birds to grower feed at 8 weeks. The gentleman at the feed store said that they needed to be on grower feed for at least 10 weeks and that this might delay laying. I bought organic grower feed so it isn't medicated. They are also getting oyster shell and grit, plus they are excellent foragers so I feel like they aren't constantly at the feeder. They're almost 19 weeks old now and they're starting to squat. Will I need to switch to layer feed to get them to lay? If so, is it really important for them to have the grower feed for 10 weeks, or was the guy just trying to sell me another 50lb bag?
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    I believe I switched my feed to grower finisher at 16 weeks. They started laying around that time as well.
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    [​IMG]Sounds like a pushy salesman! No, you don't NEED to switch them to layer feed to get them to lay.

    Many people keep their birds on starter offering free choice oyster shell until they see the first egg.
    After that, some switch straight to layer feed.
    Some feed All Flock with oyster shell free choice.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll see an egg very soon!
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    around here there's no grower feed so just starter until they start laying then i'll switch to layer feed

    this is something you can check on pretty easily

    turn the bags around and compare

    compare starter vs layer.. it's easy to see

    if you chickens are not laying yet.. don't give them layer feed.. since the high % of calcium can damage the chicks' kidneys

    grower feed is pretty much starter feed.. but with a lower protein % .. the % is between starter and layer pretty much



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