Does hatching time vary by breed???


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Feb 5, 2009
Britton SD
I have about 35 eggs in the bator (first hatch in a homemade incubator). 10 mailed jersey giants, 8 cuckoo marans from the same party, and the rest mutts from my barn.

We are at exactly 21 days right now. The first of the Jerseys hatched last night about 1am, Then a trickle more through the past 20 hours. We are up to five as I type, and four of them are Jerseys's. Thats great, as that should form a good core for us, but it seems strange that only one of ours has hached and not a single maran from the same breeder packed in the same box. I am gathering that I could expect a trickle more through the day tomorrow and maybe even into Saturday, but we just gave a good inspection (We had one with a head stuck in a hole, repairs to be made before the next setting) and have only two more that have pipped.

Sit back and be patient I know, but any experiance with breed differences in hatching schedules, or just banties versus full sized???



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