Does he REALLY believe this???


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Mar 27, 2008
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A couple of excerpts:

"First and foremost we want all consumers to know that cage free hens suffer and die two to three times more than hens in cages. Multiple worldwide studies prove this, as does our own industry experience with both caged and cage free systems today."

"One of the behaviors these groups claim is that cages prevent chickens from perching. Perches are used to help hens escape from one another and other predators in non cage environments. Chickens are both aggressive and cannibalistic animals that when allowed too much freedom will attack one another by pecking, which can cause them to bleed to death and to acquire infections through their open wounds. Perches therefore aren’t needed in caged houses because cages limit their amount of space to prevent them from attacking one another…"

Link to article:

You have to scroll down to view this letter.


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May 19, 2009
What an IDIOT!! Of course he's going to say these things; he's trying to protect his industry, his "bread and butter" so to speak. Stupid people make me so MADDDDDDD!!!!!


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Mar 24, 2009
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I would like to stick these people in a cage and see if they would prefer it to living free.

This is one of their quotes "The following addresses topics that these so called animal rights groups claim that our hens are being prevented from engaging in. While their claim is partially true, they continue to leave out the section where the hens do not need to partake in these behaviors because their cage environment is actually a cleaner and healthier environment which those behaviors are done solely to self soothe and therefore are not necessary."
That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard!
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May 23, 2008
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I totally believe in cage-free and so on, BUT in a factory farming environment he IS right, unfortunately cage-free will and can lead to these issues in a mass farming operation. The owner of the barn we used to board at, who we were rather good friends with, also owned a large chicken operation on the outskirts of town..I'm talking factory farming size. HOWEVER, his was cage-free, and the hens were allowed to roam a huge airplane hangar sized area. They didn't have perches, it was set up in a similar manner to a floor-raised meat-bird operation. He lost countless hens to pecking, attack, etc. because they just COULD NOT get away from one another.

I didn't read the article whole because I'm on dial-up, but if he is comparing caged environments in home-raised hens to cage-free in home raised hens, then someone needs to kick him up his rear end... but in a mass factory-farming style operation it's more of a burden then anything.

I'm not into that factory-farming thing though, as I know none of us are!

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