does ideal usually email you?


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Dec 30, 2008
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well i thought i should put this in raising baby chicks since thats what ideal is for if its in the wrong section please move it and im sorry.
but my question is i ordered my chicks yesterday so early that it was basicly the 26th still. i ordered from them a long time ago and i dont remember if they will send an email or not or how they do it. oh and these are the types i ordered thought it would be different in my flock
buff orpingtons pullets 2
blue cochins pullets 2
buff cochin bantam st run 1
white silkie bantams st run 2
silver laced wyandotte pullet 1
light brahma pullet 1
gold laced cochin pullet 1
silver laced cochin pullet 1
I ordered from them in March of this year. They did send me email notification that my chicks had been shipped. I was very happy with their service.
I also bought from ideal with a ship date of 9/9/09 and the e-mailed me the day of the 9th saying they had shipped. out of 37 shipped I only lost 3 within the first week. due to what looked like a respitory problem. They refunded promptly and the rest are doing great.
Most of my orders they have, one they didn't, the chicks still got here. If you have a question call them, they're very friendly, helpful and reassuring.

I have an order coming next month...
hoping for no postal gorillas in their path...

I also have two batches of eggs being sent monday - more

Call them and good luck with your chicks.
mine are suppose to come on the 14th of october and good luck with the eggs and your chicks ill prob call them just to make sure that everything is going to plan thanks
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