Does it really matter so much if DUCK food gets wet?


12 Years
Jul 22, 2008
South Central MA
I mean ducks get their food wet anyway. They eat in the water--at least they do in the wild...........

So if I put their pellets out and they get rained on and they can eat it--who cares?


I am aware that you don't want this happening day after day, as food could become mouldy and rancid....I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT LETTING THAT HAPPEN!!!
Really? I don't s'pose you could elaborate just a bit on that? That's great to hear.

How this came about is cuz my Khaki Campbells--a very skittish breed--are terrified to go under any shelter thing I put out, to keep the food out of the rain mostly. They NEVER use it for shade either, my other purpose in making these lousy things, lol!

I'd rather not freak em out, and just let their food sit out wherever they'll eat it. Some of them haven't eaten in two days!! They are so afraid of the shelters in fact, they won't even drink if I put the water just NEAR it!!!

I knew they were skittish, but wow!
My Scovies loooove wet food. I actually add water if it gets rained on. If it isn't wet enough it gets packed down into the tub. Add extra water a time or two so that it's slurry and they will eat every bit and nothing gets wasted. I use a water catcher fm the bottom of a flower pot and fill it with water, scoop a few handfuls of duck pellets into it and watch the ducklings/ducks slurp it up before they eat out of the dry tray.
Ive actually just wondered this too. My ducks always are getting their food wet and I waste so much just throwing it away. Then this weekend I thought why not eat wet food? It smells a little sweeter but I dont think it can hurt. I figure at least they have food handed to them.
The only concern is that the ducks are susceptible to toxins such as mold and wet food will mold quickly especially in the heat. Just make sure it is replaced frequently and it should not matter.
have you ever watched a duck eat? they take a bit of food and then they goto the water and drink, then they take a bit of food and go to the water dish.. so now, do you think wet food is going to harm them??
My khakis are also skiddish and really don't like to go in the shelter where I keep their grain. After reading this I think I'll get a trough or something that can just sit outside. Lately, I am also feeding the neighborhood squirrels and birds, so might as well put it out in the open. Gets a little crowded in the bird house!

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