Does my incubator need a fan? **ADVICE NEEDED**

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Mar 29, 2011
I am making a homemade incubator and I was wondering if it really needs a fan? My bator is made out of an old 10 gallon fish tank, has a light, a water source, thermometer, hygrometer, shelf for the eggs to sit on, egg cartons for the eggs to sit in ect. Do I need to use this fan? I have one, but I am not sure if it is too big or not.

What is the reason for having a fan? Will the eggs be fine with out it? The top of the fish tank is made of screen and I will put some sort of insulator on top of that but maybe if I keep some of it open will that be enough ventalation?
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I have never made an aquarium incubator, but a fan is needed to regulate the heat throughout the incubator. I have a few pictures of a rubbermaid tub with a light fixture, attached to a water heater thermostat, and a small metal desk fan.
That is a very nice (and creative) incbator! How well does it hold in the heat?
I solved my fan problem. I ended up finding an old fan that goes to a wood stove and I am going to be using that.
I went to several stores earlier today looking for a desk fan but I could not find one. I suppose it is probably because it is the wrong season. But no worries now as I have a smaller fan that will be better for my little incubator.
Thanks for your input by the way!
It wasn't an incubator, it was just a test to see how it would do in certain conditions, I usually show it to people who believe that an aquarium or rubbermaid tub isn't sufficiently insulated to be an incubator, or for people who are wanting to build one, but are skeptical.

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