Does my MIL fall under this category?

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I think so. Seriously though she is coming with her Jack Russell Terrier. Unfortunately for the chickens (very fortunate for me) I have to visit my ailing father in Canada the weekend she is coming. My hubby said "No problem. I just won't let the chickens out of their coop when my parents are here."
He honestly thinks that is okay. Right now the chickens are inside their welded wire run that is inside a welded wire fenced garden. My three large dogs are not a problem, but the little dog will go right through the fences. I have told him repeatedly that the Jack must stay on a leash when visiting.

So, how do I get him to see my point of view? and/or what to do with MIL that knows no boundaries?
Do what I've done in the past with stubborn (and sometimes down-right stupid) folks... Tell them flat out NO PETS, PERIOD. Do not relent and let her bring that dog, just tell her flat out, not just no but hell no. Sure, she might pout, but then you could ask her if she'd like you to bring a big, mean dog that would probly kill her precious mutt to her place. If she does bring the dog after ya say not to (I've dealt with folks like that before,) tell her for every chicken it kills she'll pay x amount (set it pretty high and let her know you aint playin at all,) and each time it chases one she'll pay x amount. I dont let ANYBODY on my land with dogs, I'll tell 'em that strait up, and if they show up with one anyway, I point 'em to the door. I've lost way to many critters from newborn calves to sheep and chickens and such from visitor's "wonderfully behaved, wouldn't ever in a million years hurt a fly" mutts that now if someone shows up with one, I grab the shotgun and tell 'em to head out, cuz if the dog so much takes one step towards my stock its good as dead.
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Tell your husband that keep ing the dog away from the chickens is TOTALLY on him. If a single feather is missing on a single chicken, there will be hell to pay!!!
Sounds like this is a small example of a much larger problem. Your husband must not allow his mother's dogs to kill your chickens, period.
What Wifezilla said... it's hubby's mum that's the problem, he should deal with it. And if that means supplying you with a brand new flock and an attitude from you, well, he should learn to be a man.
Are you able to get some chicken wire to wrap the welded wire fence in? Jack Russells are high jumpers so that might not work depending on your fence. I wouldn't trust the dog AT ALL. JRs are hunters by nature, no matter how gentle. If your MIL does not want to use a leash, she might not use it 100% of the time. It'll only take 1 time for damage to be done. I hope that your DH understands how important this is.
Depends on how solid your marriage is. I would tell her striaght out; your dog kills me chickens, I kill your dog. If you are there when she gets there, show her where the dog can go and where it can't. If not show your hubby. Tell him what he won't be getting for diner if anything happens to the chickens. Remenber how the women got the vote. My DW reminds me every so often and you know that honey dew list gets done on time.

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