Does my Polish need a friend?


8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
San Martin, CA
I have a Polish hen who was added to my flock (3 bantam OEG, 2 RIR, 1 EE and 3 chicks) a month ago. I've read Polish don't fare well with other breeds, but she was a rescue of sorts and has managed to avoid too much harrassment from the others. She is not pecked at, but she definately gets out of the way if another bird comes near her, tho she has managed to be accepted on the roost at night. Still, it seems a lonely existance, she's always by herself. Does she need another Polish for a friend or is it likely that I'll just end up with 2 chickens that are ostracized and probabley won't even like each other? What to do?
I had two Polish hens (one was taken by a predator recently).

The surviving Polish hen walks around all by herself. I always feel sorry for her.

None of the other birds pick on her, but she's still a loner.

I plan on getting more next Spring.

In the meantime, I spend a lot of time with her on my lap (she seems to enjoy this).

Thanks for the replies dixiebeast and AlienChick! Glad to know I'm not the only one who worries about the social lives of their chickens. I've been keeping my eye out for local Polish, so far haven't found any, but I'll keep looking.

AlenChick, I'm so sorry you lost one of your pair. Hope you have good luck with chicks in the spring!
I have a Golden Polish rooster that needs a hen...

I always wanted a Polish. I keep mainly utility breeds, but thought It would be fun to have a pair of polish just to add a mix into the flock. I responded to an ad on CL about some Cochins, and wound up with a pair of LF Blue cochins, had a Buff roo thrown in for free, the Golden Polish, and a Dominique. Unfortunately they were all boys except for a Blue hen.

If you were nearby, I'd offer to come give your girl a new home... lol, but you might prefer giving my roo a
LOL Kaceyx73, I don't think I could let this little hen go, she has a really appealing personality and is the friendliest of my chooks. Hope you're able to find a nice local hen for your roo though; I'll bet he's a handsome fella!
Here's my boy... Anybody got any extra hens? He's so lonely... Well, He will likely mate the Blue Cochin in the pen cuz the Big Blue Roo isn't much of a

Oooh he is handsome, such beautiful coloring! You'll have to remember to post pics of the chicks you get from a mating of this fella and the blue hen.... should be interesting.

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