Does my Vet really know what he is doing?????

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by oesdog, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Hay - Just got my wee chick seen to at the Vet tonight! [​IMG]
    Honestly that fellow has to have a personality dysfunction ( If he had one that is?) Only trouble is he’s the only Vet for like miles so its him or no one!!!

    Trying to explain that the chicks need to be warm is really hard work when dealing with the receptionist! They were well less than helpful. Probably because most folk round here wouldn’t bother with the wee chick. Its a farming community so I guess they think I am a wee bit mad in the head. If a chick doesn’t make the grade it usually ends up in the belly of another animal not in the vets!

    - So I sat with my chickies ( both of them as one frets for the other if I separate them!) . The receptionist looked at me like I was crazy when I didn’t turn up with a brut on the end of a leash or some flea bitten old moggy. No I am the daft one with a box of chicks worrying about the temperature and wondering why the old bat next to me wont shut her dog up and why the door has to be open ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I am finally in front of the vet with no personality trying to explain why I think this chick is worth spending time and money on? - He looks at me like I am insane and takes the bird screeching from the box. He puts on these weird glasses and has a good long look at the poor critter and tuts loudly. Thankfully everyone has left as I am last!!!!!!!!!!! Just as I think he is going to do a quickie on the poor things neck he says Ahhhh just a wee set back - bad eye infection ( I'm thinking you don't say Einstein?) Then I quickly grab my chance – “Um you wouldn’t know like what sex it is????” - So he tips it upside down and the thing is screeching and trying to grip on to his hand - I'm thinking God is he really looking for a willy???? Then he grunts and stuffs the thing back in the box!
    (Obviously he didn’t find a willy - I think????? - Do I trust this guy?????????) He doesn’t answer so I guess he wants more money to tell me - he can’t find a willy! So I grab the ointment he offers and withdraw ! 3 times a day I think he said? - well it was kind of a muffled instruction into his hand - I think he was trying to stop himself laughing?

    I hate the Vet!!!!!!!!!! More than Murphy my Dog - and the Vet did find his willy! [​IMG] [​IMG] Well the ointment is on and the wee chick looks like he actually has an eye under all the gloop tonight! So maybe, maybe it was worth it after all. The Vet I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess now we have to tot up viability - how many eggs is this maybe Rooster likely to lay OR NOT! And how fat might it become and how many folk might be fed and is all that worth the massive bill I am likely to receive in the post!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I catch a glimpse of him looking at me through his one good eye and I know – oh bugger I don’t care about the blasted cost!

    Aint loving Chickens really GOOOOOOOD!! [​IMG]

    Oesdog [​IMG]

  2. Sjisty

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    May 18, 2009
    You're a good person - of course he/she's worth it. Here's hoping she lays you lots of lovely eggs for a good many years!
  3. Tiramisu

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    May 3, 2008
    Milan PA
    A lot of vets have no poultry experience as that is not a common pet to take to a vet. I doubt he knew anything about chickens, if he was attempting vent sexing you dont just look, you have to squeeze the chick to the vent sticks out a bit so you can try to find if there is a bump or not, and people who have a lot of experience should probably only do this.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    I, too, had a chicken that I wanted a vet to look at because of a goopy eye when she was 1 week old. (I didn't know about this forum then, or I would have posted for help) I happened to have an appt for my horse at the same time this was going on. When I brought the horse to him, I asked him about the chick's eye. A CHICKEN???????, he said. Yeah, you can try this ointment, 3 times a day, for 10 days. Well, I faithfully did Fanny's eye every day, as told. And it worked. So had I not been going to the vet anyway that day, I probably would have been at his office the next day, chick in hand. But he was not like yours at all. He was comical, but helpful. Full of information about Fanny's eye problem. Glad I asked.

    Now I come to the board for help. Many knowledgable people here!
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    Jun 28, 2010
    North Florida
    I was at my vet's office with my cat (an abcess) and told him I wanted to get a chicken but that I wanted it to be tame soI could pet it. He paused for a moment, then looks at me carefully choosing his words, "Well you know a chicken in the house would be very very messy. They poop a lot." I think this man thinks I am crazy! He is a good vet though. At least for my dogs and cats. The chickens....we'll see. Although I do think I will mess with him and tell him I managed to litter train it.
  6. jjthinkagain

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    May 26, 2010
    oesdog, I love your post [​IMG]

    Hope the wee one will be well.

    And I totally understand about the personality deficit problem with the vet. I have the same situation.
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    Quote:oooh, please do! I'd love to read the follow-up on THAT! [​IMG]

  8. CanadianCrower

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    Apr 17, 2009
    The vet here cut me off as soon as I said I needed advice with a bird. In fact, it wasn't even the vet, but the receptionist. No vets here see birds.
  9. crtrlovr

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    Quote:I am very blessed to have 3 of the best vets around. They have taken care of my critters since 1983, and they have always shown professionalism and compassion. I can't say enough good things about them; it would be WAY too long to post, so let me give a public Shout Out of thanks to Drs. Golden, Richardson, and Rodgers (and staff) at the Lone Oak Animal Clinic in Paducah, KY. [​IMG] [​IMG] For those of you who don't have a good vet near you, my sincere condolences. They're worth their weight in gold.
  10. crtrlovr

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    Quote:wow. That's so sad. Even with the vets here who will agree to see birds / farm animal type birds, the nearest certified avian vet is a 1 hr. drive (one way) from me. When my house birds get ill, I do take them to Dr. Parton in Herrin IL. My wonderful vets here in town do acknowledge that avian medicine is a specialty, and most vets only get a few hours of training in avian medicine. ETA: my house birds getting ill is a VERY rare occasion -- I've had to go to Dr. Parton maybe 4X; twice for a respiratory issue (same bird) once for a respiratory issue with a different bird rehomed to me), and once for a cockatiel injured by a conure (broken leg, and yes, that kind of event is no longer an issue here).
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