Does reggie need a coop?

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    Nov 24, 2015
    Hi, i live in central nj and in may i bought a baby chick and he is a bantam chicken and i named him reggie and he is black. All summer he ran around my yard foraging and being happy and he is very friendly and loves people and being held. Anyway, he lives in my yard and at night he roosts in a tree right in the yard. But now winter is coming and i have to go back to college bc im home on break right now and im worried reggie might get cold. What do i need to buy or make for reggie so that he can be ok this winter. Again, its only him, no other chickens. Thanks!
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    Hello & welcome! [​IMG]
    Is Reggie going to college with you? Since he is a bantam, a used cat/pet carrier could be modified for him quite nicely!
    Where is he going to be during the daytime in winter? It will be very cold and snowy, so he will want to be inside I think...
    Anyway - some pine shavings in the bottom of the carrier, food & water dish and he should be all set. If you are keeping him inside for the winter you might think about chicken diapers..
    Good luck to you and Reggie.. [​IMG]

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