Does squatting always precede laying?


12 Years
Jun 7, 2007
Hi, I've had only a handful of chickens so far and was wondering if you all have always noticed that your chickens start squatting when you approach them--the "mating squat"-- a week or so before their first egg is laid. I've noticed this in the few layers I've had but now I have a 7 month old red sex link who's not laid a single egg yet. And I'm not noticing any squatting behaviors. Could an egg, maybe be imminent or need I wait to see the first signs of squatting before I can get my hopes up?

My two Golden-Laced Wyandottes are laying, and they have never squatted for me. Of course, they are very bossy girls to begin with!
Ha, that's funny. I guess it may just be the more passive chickens, I think I've read about that.

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