Does the humidity in my incubator really matter?

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  1. Does the humidity matter so much, that it would kill the ducklings or prevent them from growing if not at the right humidity? Sorry if this is a little weird. :) I'm trying to hatch ducks and I need to know, because I'm having trouble stabilizing my humidity. Also, I tried hatching ducks a couple weeks ago and I'm sure they were fertile but they didn't grow. I checked the temperature ever day and turned them and everything and I have hatched guineas before... but I did notice that the humidity sometimes got off balance. Does it matter that much that it would kill the ducks?
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  3. casportpony

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    A few questions...

    • Still air or forced air?
    • What temp?
    • What humidity range?

  4. I have a still air incubator and the temperature is 99.5 degrees and the humidity is around 50-55 %. :)
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    Is the humidity important?


  6. Yes, but does it matter so much that it would effect the growth and maybe even the life of the ducks inside? Just wondering. :|
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    It can, yes. Sometimes ducks do hatch even with non optimal setting. you do run a risk of them dying or not being able to break through their shell if things aren't correct.
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    yes it does matter, if you really want to regulate it i recommend getting an incubator that can do it for you.

    We have brine sea mini advanced pro incubators, perfect for our small hatchery, and they regulate the humidity for you, all i have to do is put it on a setting for ducks, put water in the holder and then it does the average humdity for ducks, turns them too, and works on the temp and gives a loud alarm if it ever gets too low like at about 85 it will give us an alarm

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