Does the swelling ever go down?

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    I have two hens who had bumblefoot. One was really bad. I lanced and expressed pus for a week, bandaged the foot, and had her on amoxicillin until finally the swelling on the bottom of her foot went down enough for the "bumble" to pop out. Now she seems to be fine, walks without a limp, but the top of her foot in between her first and second toes is still pretty swollen.

    Hen #2 had just started limping. I grabbed her, expecting another ordeal. She had a large scab which I removed and had no trouble removing the "bumble." There was no pus. There was no swelling to the bottom of her foot, but again the top of the foot between the first and second toe is very swollen. Again, she is now walking without a limp and seemingly in no pain.

    I finished medicating the first hen about 8-9 days ago, the second one was about 3 days ago. Does the swelling mean that I didn't get it all, or does it just take time?
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    I've been to the vet for this with one hen- he says is can get into the bone and that may be what you're dealing with...or it may be another knob of infection. I'm wishing I had it in me to try to get it out, but I don't- too empathetic.
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    Hi Sjisty,

    I too am dealing with this. I have a Barred Rock named Tic Tac going through this horrible ordeal. Both feet. I just want her to be well.

    Everything I keep reading on this condition states that bumblefoot is extremely aggressive and it takes a very, very long time to go away.
    I wish you the best of luck with yours and pray for a speedy recovery!

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