Does this candling photo look like problem growth??? Picture!!

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I candled the eggs I have in my homemade incubator for the second time last night and saw something about day 4 they 2 had showed signs of development veins etc. Last night end of day 7 they are obviously further along ( I even saw movement in one of the two) but this is what I see...

Two eggs have started and have the same development shown in this picture. They appear to be only developing in one half of the egg. Is this a concern??? Like I said, this is the first time using my homemade incubator, temp is pretty much between 98.8 and 101.4 and humidity is around 60 consistantly, and I turn them 3 times a day. The only thing I can think of was the day I set them we lost power after 3-4 hours and it came on 5-6 hours later and was up to temp before the night. And I didn't turn them that day so as to not lose the heat in the bator..... This is only my second hatch (I have more eggs also under a broody right now) and second time really candling a hatch, and I only did it at 8 days and nearer the hatch date before............what do you think??

Mildly concerned.........
this is normal. the developing chick goes to bottom of egg. that is why you turn them during incubation. i only roll mine over twice a day and hatch rate has been 100% for my last two hatches
Your eggs are doing fine from what you are indicating.
The egg looks like that because the developing embryo/yolk always rotates to the top of the egg to stay the closest to the mothers heat.
The yolk is thicker and does not allow the light to pass through as easily so it look darker.

Good luck with your hatch!
thanks.... my last eggs didnt look anything like this, and not seeing any photos with examples that looked anything like this......A well, time will tell. I really hope they work out, the one egg in the picture is from my americauna who died the day before I set these, it was her last egg :(

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