Does this happen to anyone else?


8 Years
May 21, 2011
So funny story related to me by my uncle.

The chicken that I got my grandma has been pulling some antics lately. It's given us a lot of entertainment and she's been good on eggs

The funniest thing she does is when she takes a poopy, she turns around and looks at it and is like, is this food? It happens frequently from what I hear and it's hilarious in person.


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Aug 25, 2010
Land of the Rain
I have one gal that follows me around like a lost puppy. If I'm out cleaning out the van, she hops right in and watches my every move. Even goes with me to check the mail! Not sure of her breed - mix of something. She's very sweet, mellow. My little man named her "Snow Leopard" (after an Army tank he admires). LOL

We have another gal (Bantam) who climbs any ladder left up along side the house and goes all the way to the roof of the house. She comes fluttering down, squawking all the way until she lands. She'll do this all day if we'd let her. When the ladder's aren't there, she'll get up on the jungle gym - then one of the higher up branches of a Douglas Fir and then work her way over to the roof of the house. She's our fussiest gal and hides her eggs. We refer to her as "Ms. Fussy Britches". Thought she'd been grabbed by a raccoon or other predator once - hadn't seen her in DAYS - but I was late to filling the feed buckets one day and she came out of nowhere chattering at me all angry-like.


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Apr 9, 2011
Texas Big Country
How about when they check out their egg immediately after they lay it?

I was changing the water the other day, and saw one of my ladies just laying in her nest, but really didn't pay much attention. A minute or two later she stood up, and I just happened to catch her with her head under there. I just thought she was checking herself out, and didn't spot the egg. Ignorantly I said something like, "What-cha checking out down their?", and reached down to pet her. She just looked up at me, then went right back to rolling the egg around with her beak. I didn't see the egg at all until I touched her, and she looked at me.

Wow! I literally just missed her laying that egg, but let her check it out for a minute before I took it. She didn't seem to care much!

That was pretty neat!


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I think I'd be pretty spun out too if I sat down and then there was this weird oval shaped thing rolling around under my feet.
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