Does this mean I can't get more birds????

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    Ok, so I'm pretty sure my flock are carriers of mareks. I keep hearing that unless I get vaccinated chicks, that they will all die. It is NOT possible for me to get vaccinated chicks. So will all new birds die of mareks? If the answer is yes, then I might just get rid of all my birds, and not have chickens.
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    Some may die and some may have immunity. You can get vaccinated chicks. Most breeders or hatcheries will vaccinate chicks for you. You can even hatch chicks and vaccinate them yourself at one day old before they come in contact with other birds. I have Mareks in my area, so all chicks get vaccinated.
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    the reason I'm not breeding my own chickens, or getting some from a hatchery is because I want certain breeds, that most hatcheries don't even carry. I feel better that at least some will make it, I'll just make sure to get extras. thank you!
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