Does this silkie chick have a beard?


11 Years
Mar 15, 2012
Perth, Western Australia
I thought all my 4 silkie chicks were unbearded, however over the last few days this one has started to get quite a puff growing under his chin compared to his hatch mates. What do you think? They are about 8-9 weeks old.

He is the one second from left in this group shot:
tupid comp

My D'uccle literally got her beard and muffs overnight! I posted asking if they have to have been hatched bearded the other day. Apparently not! :lol: Maybe your Silkie is growing up too! There aren't any noticeable wattles, right?
He has got little wattles but they are pretty small. I have got other bearded birds and they all have small wattles. He is young, though. What he does have is starting to redden already. He's got some serious attitude towards the other chicks - he really does keep them in line!

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