Does this sound like and <i> okay </i> plan?


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Hope Mills, NC
I was building a 8x4 coop, but mom disagreed. So now I've been working on new plans.

I will have 2 hens, they are 7 weeks old right now, on Dominique and one Ameacana (sorry about spelling).

I was wanting a 4x4 coop built on top of a 4x4 run. The run will be 3ft tall and the coop will be 3ft tall and at the peak 5 ft. Plywood construction. window for ventalation, there is a chicken tractor I have that is 8x4 to get them around on fresh grass. It just isn't insulated or anything to keep them warm at night. Right now they stay inside at night, mom REALLY hates that. I have them in an XL dog crate with some large parrot perches.

I was planning on 1 nesting box 12x12x14 and three foot of roosts. I know it's not a lot, but I am learning by experience. I had free range chickens, but evidently the neighbors pit thought they were yummy (NOT saying anything about pits, I own one as well, just saying dogs have a thing for chickens) My chicken tractor is PERFECT for nice summer nights, but not for rain, and when it gets colder at night. Also, those rotten opossums can grab through the ventilation holes near the sheet metal. I lost 2 chicks to that

Please let me know your opinions.


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