Does this sound like injury or disease?

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    6mo pullet isn't wanting to walk. She is curling her feet and tucking them under her. She hobbles around a bit. Day one seemed like it was her left foot, now a few days later she has been extending those toes and limping on her right curled foot. She is preening and eating/drinking, acting normal for a chicken who can't stand more than a minute at a time.

    Couldn't find any injury, we thought it may be a sprain from the coop ramp getting slick in the wet weather.

    I don't have a whole lot of experience with hurt chickens. We have been keeping only a couple and just the last three years. I see a lot of posts about not walking telling me to cull because of mereks disease. Does this sound like injury or disease?

    We did just pick up this pullet at our local poultry swap, we have been looking for a trio of duccles for quite some time for our sons 4h project. I know they were bought as eggs from a breeder, and incubated by a young enthusiast not hatchery but I didn't ask if they were vaccinated.
    The other two are doing great.

    We have been reading and searching online as much as we can. Would love some advice. Thanks!

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