Does this sound right??


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
My duck eggs are going on Day 20 at 7:00pm tonight - I candle them every other day or so ( because I like to watch them grow lol

at around 10 days I saw veins and a little blob which I imagine was the start of the baby growing - around day 14-16ish I saw movement and everytime after that those little buggers were wiggling all over in there like they were having a party LOL
I candled last night and it is getting harder to see in there - there is a huge black mass - which I can only inagine is my baby - I still see some veins and all the air cells look great, but I am seeing very little to no movement in the baby's - is that normal for being around day 20 ? are they just running out of room - resting up for the big hatch day ? or something other

I have had no temp spikes this time - if anything I have been keeping the temps just alittle cooler - but never below 90 and the humidity has been around 50-60%

does everything sound right ? should I be looking for babies in 8 days !!!

this wait is going to drive me crazy !! I also snuck in two of my banty eggs - they are are on day 2 so right after the ducks hatch
I will still be watching the bator and checking on them - I will drop the humidity way down for the chick eggs once the ducks are out of there - I just hope that if the ducks do hatch they dont roll the banty eggs to much -- is there a way to prevent that from happening?

sorry for all the questions but it is getting close to that day - and I hope this goes well I have been waiting for these babies FOREVER

It sounds ok.

After about 2/3rds of the time, or so, it becomes increasingly difficult to see much as the develoing chick begins to fill the shell and has both less room to move, and there is less space to see with a lamp.
well i cant speak for ducks but i know that i have experienced a lot less movement toward the end of my chick hatching. he does move around after like 5 minutes of watching him but it is no where near how he was moving before. hope this helps.
thank you both so much - that makes me feel alot better !! I do see really good veins in there and it is getting really hard to see anything in there - I have to keep moving the flashlight around some much under the egg I end up by blinding myself in the face LOL I do not see any " bloodrings" so I guess everything is right on track
I hope by next weekend to have 3 little baby's

if you see veins then your in the game. i wouldnt worry too much im sure everything is going to be fine lol, and i totally feel you about blinding yourself i do it all the time lol. i was glad to bring you piece of mind.
the last set of eggs I had in there we lost at day 16 - due to temp spikes - but since I moved the bator and set it up different things have been much better. so now that we are getting close to the end I am getting real nervous about everything little thing I have not had a hatch yet this will be my first time if these little buggers come out alright.

at least I have the bator in my room - which is close to the bathroom so when they do start to hatch I am not going anywhere I dont want to miss this I have waited this long - turning them 3 days a day, keeping the eggs moist, candle them to check on them - these little buggers better come out after all I have done for them !! they could have been an egg sandwhich if I had not put them in the bator LOL

thanks for the piece of mind I do feel better - to bad you cant candle eggs with sunglasses on - that light hurts LOL

Day 21 - for these little duck eggs - I guess everything is going along like it should be - now I have to just wait and see !!!

this is the part that is going to kill me knowing I am so close to seeing my little ones - now I know what the rest of you are going through - I think I will need to join a support group when this all done


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