Does visible poo automatically mean pasty butt?


13 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Coastal Southern California
I'm noticing poo on two of my 4-day-old chicks' bums. Does that define them as having pasty butt or is it just residual poo?

I've been wiping their rears with a warm wet paper towel but should I be more aggressive about clearing the vent?

I've been putting electrolyte powder in their water - is that a problem? Should I just give them regular water?

Should I be worried?
Thank you so much.

I pulled a little nugget of poo from the Buff Orpington and she then had a huge poo, so looks good for her. Worked on the Light Brahma and have stood watching her for at least 20 minutes but still no poo from her, although she's active, eating and drinking.

The temp is 91 degrees - they aren't acting at all cold, though. They spend virtually no time directly beneath the heat lamp.

We'll get the sand...
You can also give a little probiotics to the babies if you're concerned. Glenda has a wonderful recommendation for that as well.
Cannot thank both of you and BYC enough. I don't take for granted being able to get real-time answers to chick-raising scares.

Both pasty-butted babies are cleaned off and have proven their ability to poop so I'm calling it a night. Whew. Never a dull moment!
If we don't all stick together, it'd be a much less warm-hearted world, wouldn't it?
I'm glad the babies are good. Rest well.

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