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Does your coop have a name? Chicken Chalet? Chez Chicken?

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by ChickenLove123, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. ChickenLove123

    ChickenLove123 Songster

    Mar 7, 2011
    I want a clever name for my coop, and I'm hoping for suggestions. Thanks! [​IMG]

  2. JodyJo

    JodyJo Songster

    Sep 27, 2010
    I thought about posting a label on my eggs when I sell them, "Omelet Acres"...maybe something in that area for your coop?

    Omelet Inn
    Eggs R It
    Coop d' Chalet

    sorry, just ranting...
  3. ChickenLove123

    ChickenLove123 Songster

    Mar 7, 2011
    Thanks, Anne! I also found this list compiled by member "springd" on the following thread:


    7-11 Coop
    Air Coop
    [The] Alamo
    [The] Alford Egg Factory
    All Cooped Up
    Area 51
    Ascendo Tuum Galliarium
    Bantam Ducks House
    Banty Shanty - 3
    [The] Barn
    [The] Barn Coop
    Barred Rock Café
    Bawk Bawk Bungalow
    Bawkingham Palace
    Beaky Barn
    Bed and Breakfast
    [The] Best Little Chicken House in Texas
    [The] Best Little Hen House in Cali
    [The] Biddy Abode
    Big Chickens Coop
    Big Ducks House
    [The] Big House
    Binky’s Barn
    Birds of a Feather
    Blair House
    Breakfast Club
    [The] Brick Chick House
    Brokeback Coop
    Broody Box
    [The] Buck Buck Chicken House
    Buck-Buck-Buckingham Palace
    Buffett Madness
    C Everett Koop
    [The] Cabins
    [The] Cackle Castle
    [The] Cackle Shack
    Cackleberry Fields Forever
    Cackleberry Manor
    [The] Cadillac Coop
    Caleb’s Chucken’s Coop (CCC)
    Camp Cupcake
    Casa de Pollo
    Casa de los Pollos
    Casa del Clucking Cats
    Casa del Corrugata
    Castello di Pollo Coop
    Castle Cluck
    Castle Coop
    Chateaux Pollo
    [The] Cheeps
    Cheeper by the Dozen
    Chez Poulet - 2
    Chick Arena
    [The] Chick Chalet - 2
    [The] Chick En Coop
    [The] Chick Inn – 2
    Chick Mahal
    [The] Chick Pen
    Chick-a-dee Ranch
    Chicken Alley
    [The] Chicken Box
    Chicken Bunker
    [The] Chicken Cabin
    [The] Chicken Cathedral
    Chicken Central
    [The] Chicken Chapel
    [The] Chicken Condo and Solarium
    Chicken Containment Facility
    Chicken Coupae
    [The] Chicken Dome
    [The] Chicken Fortress – 2
    Chicken Hampton Inn
    Chicken Hilton
    Chicken Hogan
    [The] Chicken House
    Chicken Hut
    Chicken Itza
    [The] Chicken Palace
    Chicken Poop
    Chicken Shack
    Chicken Shanty
    Chicken Shed
    Chicken Trailor (or Mobile Chicken Home)
    Chicken Traz
    [The] Chickie Condo
    [The] Chickwagon
    Chicky Chicky Love Shack Baby
    [The] Chilton
    [The] Chirps
    [The] Chix Chalet
    Chook Mansion for Champ Chooks
    [The] Chooks Nook
    Chook Wagon
    [The] Christmas Coop
    Chuck Chuck House
    Circle 4 P Ranch (Pampered Poultry Princess Pavilion)
    [The] Circus Tent Coop
    Cirque de Poulet - 2
    Clampett Hilton
    Cluck Cave
    [The] Cluck Cluck Inn
    Cluck House
    Cluck Hut
    Cluck Mahal - 2
    Cluck Med – 3
    Cluck ‘n Stuff
    Cluck-N-Bock Air Base
    Cluckawalla Valley State Prison
    Clucker Condo
    Clucker Cottage
    [The] Cluckhouse
    Cluckin’ Coop
    Cluckingham Palace - 6
    Cluckinghen Palace – 3
    Cluckmore House and Gardens – 2
    Cluckworts Academy
    Clutch Hutch
    Cockerel Hill
    [The] Cochin House, Bed and Breakfast
    Cochin Lane
    College Gardens
    [The] Colonel
    [The] Coop
    Coop Bungalow
    Coop de Vcille - 2
    Coop du Jour – 2
    Coop Green Mile
    Coop Micro
    Coop of Doors
    Coopa Cabana - 2
    [The] Cooper
    [The] Coopola
    Coup with a View
    Coupe de Ville
    Cox Creek Coop
    Cozy Coupe
    [The] Crab Pot
    [The] Crazy Coop
    Crazy Mother Clucker’s Hen House
    Crew Cab
    [The] Crooked Coop
    Cuckoo’s Nest
    DA Barn
    Danger Alley
    De Pueblo del Pollo
    [The] Dharma Hen House
    Dixon’s Chicken Ranch
    [The] Dorm
    Domus Gallus
    [The] Duck’s Pen
    Egg Emporium
    Egg Estate
    Egg Palace
    Egg Plant
    [The] Egg-Sit-Era
    Eggs-a-Day Inn
    Eggs-cellent Day Inn
    [The] Eggstuary
    [The] Eggstuder
    Eggs Benedict Bungalow (or Benedict Bungalow)
    El Palacio de Los Pollos
    [The] Eglu
    [The] Feather Factory
    Feather Farm
    Feather Island
    FeatherDuster Inn
    [The] First Coop
    Foghorn Leghorn Institute for the Wayward Chicken
    Fort Birdy
    Fort Bob White
    Fort Chickasaw
    Fort Cock’s
    Fort Klux
    Fort Knox - 2
    Fowl Manor
    Fowl Territory
    Fowl’s Rush Inn
    Fowly Forge
    Fraggle Rock
    Frank Lloyd Blight, Chicken Sandwich House
    [The] Frizzle House
    Fryer’s Club
    Fuster Cluck
    Fuzzy Butt Inn
    Gallinas Lindas
    [The] Ghetto Home of the Cluck and Famous
    Girls Only Cluck House
    Glenn Cottage Eggery
    Grindstone Manor
    Guinea Pen
    Happy Hen Hut
    Have Chicken will travel
    Haus mit Zwei Huhnern
    Hawkeye’s Pen
    Helser's Bawk and Breakfast
    Hen Den
    Hen Haven
    Hen Hideaway
    Hen Hostel
    Hen Hotel
    Hen Pen
    Henfrith Cottage
    [The] Henhouse – 5
    Hennington House
    [The] Henspa – 2
    [The] Henton
    Henwell Croft
    Hoevet Hen House
    Hokey Pokey Hen House
    Holly’s Hen House
    Honker Haven (for geese)
    Hons Huset
    Hoop’s Coop
    Hoot and Cackle
    Hot Wings Stables – 3
    Hotel Coops
    Junior’s Pen
    $$$KaChing Chicken Shed
    Kauai Chicken Condo
    Kelly’s Klucks
    Kelly’s Koop
    [The] Kingdom of Eggtopia
    Kyckling Trädgård
    L’Oeuf Shack
    La Cabane de Poulet
    La Casea de Pollo Loca
    La Coop Vert
    La Coupe
    La Huevo-ria
    Lav Shack
    Lay or Bust
    [The] Little Cage
    [The] Little Chicken Clubhouse
    [The] Loft
    Love Nest
    Lulu’s Chicken Motel
    Main Coop
    MiniCooper - 2
    Mom’s Chicken Chalet
    [The] Money Pit - 2
    Motel 6
    Mother Cluck’n Hen House
    [The] Music Box
    Mummy Manor
    Neenah’s Chicken Prison
    [The] Neverending Coop
    New Bantams Coop
    [The] Nursery
    Nudist Colony
    Oeuf Roof
    Old Bantams Coop
    [The] Original Coop
    [The] Omelet Hamlet
    [The] Omelet Ranch
    [The] Omelet Shack
    [The] Omlette House
    [The] Other Side
    Oval Office
    Palacio de Gallina
    Palais d’Poulet
    Pampered Poultry Palace (PPP)
    Peckingham Palace
    Peep Show
    Peep Town, USA
    Peeping Hens
    [The] Peeps
    Peeps Place
    Petra’s Pecker Palace
    Pheasant Pharm
    [The] Playhouse Coop - 2
    Pollo Loco
    Poop Coop
    Poss-a-Dillo Hen House
    Poultry Barn
    Poultry in Motion - 2
    [The] Poultry Pantry
    Poultry Palace - 2
    [The] Poultry Palace: Home of the Carolina Cluckers
    Poultry Penthouse
    Presley’s Poultry Palace
    Pueblo del Pollo
    Pump Room
    [The] Purple Poultry Palace
    [The] Purple Polka Dotted Poultry Palace
    [The] Quack House
    [The] Rainbow House
    Red Barn Coop
    Red Roost Inn – 2
    Red Rooster Saloon
    [The] Red Shed
    [The] Roost
    Rooster House
    Rooster Plant
    San Chicken
    San Quentin
    Sandi’s Insanitarium
    Sanford Arms
    Santa Fe in Oklahoma Inn
    Scoop’s Coop
    [The] Scramble House
    Scrambled Eggs B&B
    Scratch Pad
    Shake and Bake Inn
    Shanty Towne
    Sheri’s Chicken Ranch
    Shiner Bawk
    [The] Silkie Suite
    [The] Skylight Coop
    [The] Sorority House
    Squawk Box
    [The] SS Hensworth
    Stalag 17
    Sunny Side Up Penthouse
    Super Coop 9000
    Tack Room
    Taj M’Cluck
    Taj Ma Coop
    Taj Ma Cluck
    Taj Mahal
    That $#&@ money-suck
    What the Cluck?
    White House
    [The] Widow Hen Apartments
    Winging It
    Yolk and Mindy’s
  4. LN2008

    LN2008 Songster

    Jul 27, 2011
    Larryville, KS
    I think I'm going with a classic.

    Sunnybrook Farm.

    I really don't know why; I just like it.
  5. magicpigeon

    magicpigeon Songster

    Oct 9, 2010
    Ours is called the "Sin Bin" [​IMG]
  6. Alethea

    Alethea Songster

    May 23, 2011
    Chicken Heaven; it includes their yard. Some of the names suggested are clever. I laughed at Area 51 and Barred Rock Cafe.

  7. pgpoultry

    pgpoultry Songster

    Oct 16, 2009
    I'm overwhelmed by the names....but mine's Chicken Shack.
  8. Ole rooster

    Ole rooster Songster

    Jun 25, 2011
    Milner, Georgia
    I've got a name we use a lot on a dobro site for buying guitars, 'The Money Pit'. Looks like some of these coops turn in one.[​IMG] Mine is on it's way to that.[​IMG]
  9. gmendoza

    gmendoza Songster

    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    Mine is: Pallet Poultry Pallace [​IMG]

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