DOG ATTACK! Can she make it?***update***Need advice!

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  1. chikeemomma25

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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Yesterday my jack Russell got out while the girls were free ranging. She attacked a few nut only one is injured. Her wing is broken and she can't move one of her legs. We wrapped her wing but she can't walk. My husband says we should put her down but it breaks my heart. Any suggestions?
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    sorry i dont know *bump*
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    May 21, 2008
    If you think she is in a lot of pain I would put her down. Our rooster got his leg stepped on and he did not walk on it for 2 weeks, it was swollen and bruised but not broken, we put him in a large dog kennel in the pen so he could still have the company of his girls and he has recovered just fine, he is such a good rooster after having so many awful ones that we took the chance to try to heal him. We gave him electrolytes/vitamins in his water, and just watched for signs of infection. We also had coyotes attack our free range girls last year and one lost and eye and her back had a 4 inch gouge down it it was deep, we cleaned and sprayed meds on it and she healed and lays and egg everyday still. I think it just depends.
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    FWIW I don't think chickens (in the least) feel pain like we humans do. I have a chicken attacked by a turkey, he pecked and pulled off all of the skin on her back, and made hash out of the side of her face to boot. This was about a month ago. I gave her a baby aspirin a couple times a day for a few days but dang it if that chicken didn't start eating and drinking on her own, flapping her wings and developing an ugly, thick scab over her back. It is beginning to peel back now, and there is actual skin beneath it. I still can't believe it.

    The baby aspirin I gave after letting it melt in my own spit (eww) and sucked it out of my mouth with a little syringe, and then shot it in her beak. It really perked her up, I think it helped a lot.

    So I'm saying she may not be suffering as much as you'd think.

    Also, if their leg even hurts a bit, they won't use it for a few days. You'll know the leg is in bad shape if she still won't use it in a week or so. But even with that, the darn little things are so tough, I'd give her a chance.

    Bring her in, keep her warm (they'll lose 10% of their body weight per day during acute healing just to keep warm), keep her in a dark, mellow room. She's in shock and this is also a vital part of her healing process. Let her stay very quiet, warm and unstimulated. Her body will do the rest, if it is at all possible.

    If she won't eat or drink, syringe food mixed with water into her beak, she'll swallow it. It'll keep her going until she feels like eating/drinking on her own.

    Good luck [​IMG]
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    Apr 7, 2010
    Southeast AL
    Thanks for the advice. I brought her in and put her in a dog cage. I tried giving her some water with a baby aspirin crushes on it. She is not wanting to take it but I think she got most of it. I am going to buy some electrolyte water later to give her. I hope she will make it. I also discovered a wound on her back. I cleaned it with peroxide and sprayed neosporin on it. It is hidden under her feathers.
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    Quote:Make her some mash out of scrambeled eggs and food to with Olive oil in it-that will get her some extra protein for healing and feather creation in the next couple of weeks-chickens have survived the worst attacks I have ever witnessed-so resilient--good luck
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    When something like this happens it is we humans that failed to protect them so they deserve the best shot at recovering, if possible, and if the suffering is not too great.
    Veterinarian if possible, to set the wing. If at all possible, get her that help right away. If no active bleeding or internal bleeding suspected, a baby aspirin crushed into a cup of drinking water. Sounds like you're on the case with the aspirin. Electrolytes for shock, and you're doing that too. ASAP on that. Cleaning and neosporin (without pain relief ingredient) on wounds, and you're doing that too, so that's good.
    Keep her hydrated (one way is to offer fruit like watermelon with a bit of pedialtye spritzed on) and feeling safe and comforted, as noted above by Kim.
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  8. chikeemomma25

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Southeast AL
    Ok...Patsy is doing MUCH better now...thanks for all the advice! The sore on her back has scabbed over already! She is standing partially on her bad leg and moving in her cage some. I took her outside to stand in the yard while I cleaned her cage today. She seemed to like it. I noticed that her broken wing looked like it had dried blood on it. When I inspected it and cut some of the feathers out I noticed a small piece of bone protruding through the skin. [​IMG] It is probably a 1/4" sticking out. What do we do?? I am thinking about calling a vet to see about amputating it. What are the odds of it healing like it is if it is kept clean? I know they can't be good....ugh!!! I was so encouraged until I saw this. Oh...and she is drinking really well. Eating some, but drinking really good...and using the bathroom LOL!

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    Jul 7, 2010
    Patsy didnt make it.. i couldnt stand to watch her suffer anylonger so i took care of her.. :-(
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    May 25, 2009
    sorry to hear - but you tried your best and I'm sure she thanks you for that.

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