Dog attack...possible sprain??

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    Mar 9, 2015
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    Yesterday morning, my son's friend brought his dogs over with him, and one of them attacked two of my hens. [​IMG] One of them is fine, she was just a little spooked. But the other one is inside in a kennel. She has minor injuries on her back that I'm treating with Blue Kote and betadine. She's nibbling at her scrambled eggs. I put Sav-a-Chic electrolytes in her food and water, so she is pooping some....I don't think she is dehydrated. BUT, I did notice that she is kinda limping some now, and I didn't notice this yesterday. And one wing hangs a bit lower than they other, but it didn't feel like anything was/is broken. Maybe it is just a sprain?? As long as she is left alone, she is just chill in the kennel, so she isn't moving around too much. Anything else I need to do?

    Oh, and yes I told the kid that I didn't care what he had to do, I didn't want those two dogs over here again. I wasn't mean about it; I have no problem with him...he's a good kid. I just don't want his dogs over here again.

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