Dog Attack Update

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    Neighbor lady(Vet), took my girl in on Friday and put in some stitches. Couple on the Vent Canal(not sure the term) internally and many from vent up to and around the tail.

    It doesn't look pretty, there were some areas that didn't have anything to stitch.

    I am irrigating with warm water and liberally applying neosporin(sp?). Also putting something she gave me to keep flies/insect away. So far just been putting that on the remaining feathers in the area, as I am not sure it if would sting(and forgot to ask). So far no bugs.

    She is eating moistened food(24% chick starter - someone said high protein so I am).. and drinking well. She is doing as well as can be expected at 48 hours after attack.

    I asked what I owed, she said nothing. so I asked for a bill to send to the dog owner....
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    Glad she got the care she needed! I agree with high protein right now. And I would definitely present the dog owner with a bill. Lucky you, to have a good neighbor like your vet friend!

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