Dog attacked the chicken

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    One of our chickens got out of the pen today. Unfortunately, it was the smallest and most skittish one. Both my husband and I were at work, but I know what happened - the chicken hopped over the fence, ran, and the dog attacked. She's a little dog (see avatar - 1/2 jack russell terrier 1/2 chihuahua) but has a strong prey drive.

    The chicken looks in a bad way. She's missing a ton of feathers and her back/side is stripped down to the membrane that covers her organs. We cleaned the wound, and she will still actively eat and drink, but I'm worried. Do you think there's any chance of recovery? She can't really walk right now, but she doesn't seem to have given up. She's in a dog kennel in the guest bedroom with easy access to water and food. Is there anything else I can do for her?

    She's about 6 months old and is a Golden-Laced Wyandotte.

    And yes, we are ticked at the dog. One of the other hens will actively run after the dog if the dog gets fresh, but unfortunately, said chicken didn't escape at the same time. I spent all evening training her that getting near the chickens is BAD. Lying down when the chickens are near is GOOD. Getting near the chickens when she THINKS I'm not watching, VERY VERY BAD.

    Ugh. Just didn't expect this to happen.
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    Good for you for not immediately blaming the dog and wanting to put it down. [​IMG] And kudos for immediate training!

    If the hen is laid open as bad as you say, you might want to get some stitches in there somehow if possible... I don't know how, but her internal organs will need to be covered back with muscle somehow and I don't know if that will happen without stitches.
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    Quote:I had awhile ago the same thing happen to a silkey. She was in bad shape. I got some of that purple spray medication from the feed store and would keep it on it. Keep her isolated and warm. Give her some tender care and she could very well make it through. Mine really bounced back and looked really good after all her feathers grew back in. Unfortunately though not too long ago the dog got her again and this time didn't have a chance and I lost her.
    Best of luck to you.
    I too was so mad because of all the time I had spent with the dog to behave well around them.
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    Is that purple spray that you were referring to SCARLEX? Thats what I use on superficial wounds and works really well. I also have a little jack russel/terrier mix rescue dog that has nipped quite a few of my girls in the bum and we had to do some stitching on one, then sprayed with the scarlex, and she survived. She was however in shock from the attack for several days so I kept her separate from the rest of the flock so she could recovery. My recommendation..................... keep some sutures on hand, they come in handy when the unexpected happens, my jack russel terrier mix has the same prey drive and I have lost at least a dozen young pullets to her, not mentioning how many I have had to suture. I have also worked with our little jack russel endlessly to stay away from the chickens, and she does when we are present, but its those times alone that she finds away out of her kennel or brakes lose from her run, or sneaks out through the screen doors and has a field day. good luck.
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    YOu could spread some antibiotic ointment (like neosporin) on her wounds, once they dry enough for it to stick. Keep her isolated until her skin grows back or the others will peck at her.....that means at least a month, from my experience with a roo pecked down to his skull. Yes, we had a house chicken. Chickens have amazing recovery powers...their dinosaur ancestors I guess. Keep the faith as long as she seems to be eating and drinking. And feed her some boiled eggs,..she'll need some extra protein to heal up. Good luck.
    Poor baby.
    As for the dog, you may need some sneaky techniques to put him off chickens, if it can be done..Like super-soaker plied from a hiding spot so he doesn't know what hit him. You may, however, just have to resign yourself to having to keep them separated forever. We were able to train our dog not to go after chickens once she saw we were so unhappy with her, but can't train her to leave the cats alone....some things are just too tempting, I guess. So far cats are all intact, but now peeing in the house cause they are afraid to go past the dog on the way out. Sigh.
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    Jul 25, 2010
    The only humane thing to do is cull the chicken. If the viscera is showing and the chicken is in that bad of shape it will develop sepsis and die of massive infection. This will only lead to more suffering.

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