Dog brought home a quail! Now what?


10 Years
Jun 23, 2010
Worked hard to het crusted/scabbed eyes open on a quail the dog brought home. It's acting fine. I have no idea what to feed it until we can get to the grain store. Can it have moistened layer pellets? We have chickens. If not what can it have? Can you keep one quail?

underground chickenman

10 Years
May 30, 2009
Orlando, Florida
For survival, anything is better than nothing. Stale bread will keep it alive for a while and indefinitely if it is full grown or close to it. In fact, that's what I feed the meat pen after they are 6 weeks and waiting to be consumed. Even chicken feed will have more protein than bread. Don't moisten it. Just break it up to crumble size. Game bird feed with 24% or more protein is best.

One quail is not going to be a happy quail and I'm guessing that a wild one that's never lived in captivity will be even less happy.

What kind is it?
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