Dog dreams?

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    Ok, so right now (as I type this) my lab is having the worst dream LOL. She's full on growling, yipping, and barking in her sleep. She's done this before and usually scares the heck out of me. Since she's normally a quiet dog that seldom barks except for serious reasons the growling makes me think for a second that something is wrong like an trespasser or stray dog [​IMG] I'm also afraid to wake her up because when I was a kid the only time I was ever bitten by a dog was when I woke up my old lab from a deep sleep. The second he realized he bit me he was peeing all over himself and belly crawling in shame. So, I sit here listening to her having a very noisy doggy nightmare [​IMG]

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    Unless your dog is deaf like one of mine, make some kissy noises or whistle to wake your pup up, if you want to.
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    I know but she tends to jump when I do that and acts like she's in trouble. So, I just let her dream on. I do make sure the kids don't go near her...

    It's just interesting how vivid or intense her dreams must be [​IMG]
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    When I want to wake a dog up from a seemingly violent dream I usually will throw something soft at them from several feet away. I don't ever touch them, or shout at them to wake up. A pillow or wadded piece of paper does the trick.
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    May 13, 2011

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    Seems rather often that we are telling one of the dogs during the night they are just dreaming so they can wake up and stop doing whatever they were doing so we can fall back asleep too.

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