Dog Fights


May 13, 2015
I have had Dog A for a while now and she is getting old so we got Dog B and have had her for 2 years they never fought and they played all the time but just recently we got a puppy sense then Dog A has been out to get Dog B. If anyone knows why or how to fix it i will be very thankful.


Apr 26, 2015
Northern California
Dog A may be getting a protective momma reaction over new puppy. Hoefully all will calm down. I had 2 dogs, heeler and pitbull and they were beatfriends for 2 years after that time they had a litter of 8 together we were ae to rehome all but one puppy who we kept here with mom and dad! Now my precious loving momma pitbull wants nothing to do with heeler dad. She growls when he is near the baby (6months nw) or even walking by him.. i tell her knock it off and she will drop the dont mess with a momma and her cubs


9 Years
Jun 4, 2011
how old are the dogs involved? sexes? intact or neutered? are we talking a true fight or just noisy disagreements?

if Dog A and B are both females and Dog B came into the house as a puppy, it's the normal time span that disagreements would begin. Adding a third dog can really stir things up, depending on the ages and personalities of the dogs involved.

This isn't really something that can be figured out over the itnernet. You need someone who is well versed in dog behavior and body language to observe the dogs in your home and find out what is triggering the fights. More than one person has thought "Dog A keeps fighting with Dog B" when actually Dog B is the one starting all the fights - Dog A was simply the first one making an obvious (to humans) aggressive move.

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